5 Tips to Get Rid of Pain

Body, what’s right about this I am not getting?
One of my favorite tools or questions to use with my body is asking, what’s right about this I am not getting?  When I have weird stuff show up with my body or something unexpected “happens” I ask it.  
For example, I had just finished cutting the lawn and putting everything away into the shed.  And this shed had an overhead garage door that had small spaces in between each segment.  As I was closing the door I made sure not to put my fingers by the space between the segments, but guess what happened.  The next thing I know the tip of my middle finger is slammed between two of the segments…  Obliviously my first questions @#$%^&*?.  Anyway, now my finger is throbbing and hurts like hell, so I asked what right about this I am not getting? And poc/pod’ed it. (if you don’t know what the clearing statement is check it out here http://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/about/how-it-works/the-clearing-statement/) And I did it again and again and then I sense all this energy run out my finger and the pain and throbbing was gone and the next day I didn’t have any bruising or damage to my nail.
So often we are taught that the body is not brilliant and you need to correct it or control it, but bodies are brilliant and capable beyond anything we can imagine.  What if my body slammed its finger to change an energy? So often we go to wrongness with what shows up with our bodies, but what if instead you asked a question like what is right about this I am not getting?