5 Tips to Get Rid of Pain

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Pain
 1.     Laugh. I know, silly right?  See what I did there.  When you laugh you can’t maintain the intensity of a problem or a pain in the same way.  The significance of them starts to slip way and sometimes laughter is the best medicine.  Go check out the studies if you don’t believe me.  Laughter decrease stress hormones and creates an endorphin release which are chemicals that promote a sense of well-being and can relieve pain. See being funny is good for your health.  So do something that makes you laugh? Watch a funny movie or show. Watch cat videos if that makes you giggle. Hang out with a funny friend.  
2.     Ask a question.  The point of a question is to create an awareness not to get an answer.  Ask for all the information that it would take to change the pain.  And there are so many more questions you can ask too. 
Ask your body, what information are you giving me? Pain is always your body giving you information. What information? Ask and see what you get and what shows up.  And pain to me is your body yelling at you to get you to look at something.  What is that something?  Who knows? It could be simple don’t walk on that foot we fell and now I(the body) requires time to heal.  Or maybe it’s the body’s way of saying, hey you know you have tremendous amount of capacity and ability that you are not acknowledging and hiding behind you.   Haha or ask, What’s so funny about this pain that I am not getting? (revert back to Tip #1)
3.     Who does this belong to?  This is one of my favorite tools for any ache or pain in with my body.  Especially the ones that I cannot get to go away.   Guess what if it doesn’t belong to you, if you are just aware of other people’s pains you are not going to be able to change it or get it to go away.  The nice thing is when you acknowledge that your body is picking up with what’s going on for someone else, it can change.  And for me the intensity or pain of it usually goes away. 
(And here is a great video by the Access Co-Creator Dr. Dain Heer explaining it)
4.    Move… Ask your body what movement it would like to do or that could contribute to changing the pain.  Or choose whatever form of movement is fun for you.  So many times, people avoid the pain by not moving.  What if you slowly and gently moved into the pain and beyond it?  You don’t have to do anything crazy.  Just start moving.  Moving your body reduces stress and helps promote the physical and energetic flows of your body.  Being sedentary doesn’t. 
5.     Get some body work — You do not know how many times people only will get worked on or slow down and take care of their body when the pain has gotten so bad they cannot avoid it.  Take care of your body.  It’s the only one you got.  And ask your body who it would like to work on it or who could work on it that would change the pain.  You don’t have the know the person, ask you body it will show you.  It might not be instantaneous.