How can your body contribute to you?

How can your body contribute to you? That is the question, are you asking it?
You designed your body to give you awareness of embodiment, awareness of all the energies around you. Are you asking it what it knows? What it is aware of? What it can contribute? 
What do I mean? Well your body knows stuff, it is aware. Are you receiving and using the information it is and can give to you?  Your body knows what it is going to take to create the results you are looking for and contribute to the creation of whatever it is you desire, but you have to ask. 
My personal favorite example is I ask my body to show me where I left things. My keys, my phone, and my wallet are often misplaced. So, I just ask my body to show me where they are. And most of the times, I absent-mindedly walk to where they are. 
And your body can also contribute to your business, to creating money because do you the being require money?  No, but does your body? Yes. Money for food, clothes, houses and nice things is required for your body. These things your body requires, are you asking it what it requires? Or what it would like and what it knows that would create the money it and you desire? 
So, ask your body. Body if we buy this will it make us money? Body if we choose this will it make us money? And I choose the things I get a yes from my body on.
What I have learned in asking my body and receiving the information is the things I choose when I listen to my body are easy.  I ask it what flights to take and it always works out.  I ask it what hotels/ Airbnbs it would like to stay at and they are great.  I ask it where it would like to go eat and the food tastes amazing.  I ask it with buying clothes and I get complimented on how good my body looks or how amazing the clothes are.  And by the way none of this makes logical sense to me.  I don’t plan it out.  I just ask and go with the yeses I get from my body and deal with the ease and amazing stuff that shows up.  Oh darn.